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A Harmony of Flavors January 2017 Newsletter
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Happy New Year.

After over four years, I am finally learning how to compose a newsletter. Better late than never. For these past 4+ years I have had "A Harmony of Flavors" website filled with recipes and a "A Harmony of Flavors" blog site continually being updated with new recipes. There is a lot to choose from!
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Most Recently,
"Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake . . ." is what popped in my mind as I was patting and forming my scones for the oven this morning.

Perusing Facebook early this AM, I got a reminder of a post I had shared one year ago, for Red Berry and White Chocolate Scones. The recipe was found on a site called www.orgasmicchef.com, though the recipe itself was from a guest poster - another blogger whose site is called www.notquitenigella.com. The recipe had things I just love: raspberries, fresh cranberries and white chocolate. The fact that these things were made into scones
was a no-brainer. So last year I shared the recipe on Facebook when it came around, and then managed to forget all about it. (Read More)
A Cheesecake Worth Trying!

Chestnut Cheesecake is a wonderful holiday treat, but great at any time. I found a recipe for a Chestnut Cheesecake many years ago, and promptly made it with a lot of revisions. The recipe as it stood seemed to be clumsy, and with far
too many steps. To me, superfluous steps are anathema. I am not saying I don't make complex recipes; I have created many of my own. I always try to make them in the least steps possible to accomplish my ends. (Read more)
If You Like Indian Food, Try this Lamb Korma!
There is a recipe that is in all of my Indian cookbooks (about 6 or so), called Korma. Usually made with lamb (though it can be made with chicken or beef), this dish has a very pale sauce and in some cases, bland. Surprising, when you think about Indian cooking to have a recipe come out so bland. I have tried various iterations of the recipe from many of these books and have never been quite satisfied.

It is one thing to have a nice, light sauce with lots of flavor. I love my Chicken and Dumplings with its creamy-white sauce and great flavor. The Korma has mostly been, well, meh. I sat down yesterday with
all my books opened to the page with this recipe, to try and piece together what, exactly makes Korma. I created a recipe based on my findings. I am not Indian, though I just love all the flavors and spices. How much of what I did is genuinely authentic, I have no clue. All I can say for sure is that the result was most excellent. (Read more)
Tej Patta Leaves or Indian Bay Leaves

I love finding new spices or herbs to work with, eagerly searching out anything new (to me).

So imagine my surprise when not too long ago, I heard about "Indian Bay Leaf". I found that this is not a bay leaf as we know it at all, but something that looks similar, and has been called bay leaf, sometimes Indian bay leaf. In fact it is a closer relation to cinnamon.

If you find an Indian recipe calling for "Bay Leaf," it means Indian Bay Leaf, or tej patta (among other names). And, they are not interchangeable! (Read more)
I hope this Newsletter finds everyone well this new year of 2017. I hope you will visit all my sites and try some new (or old) recipes, learn something new about an herb or spice or other subject, or maybe just daydream. However it is accomplished, I endeavor to provide articles of interest. Not everyone cooks these days, due to time constraints it seems. I did manage to cook meals for my family back when I had 4 youngsters and worked 2 jobs, so I know it can be done, though it requires some real attention to detail in getting it done. Many of my recipes are created now that I am retired and have extra time on my hands, but many are easy and quick.
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