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Happy Flag Day, Friend

Happy Flag Day, a little bit late.June is the time to celebrate Flags, Fathers, and in my family, a LOT of birthdays! Happy birthday to all of you with a June Birthday.

We are coming into summertime. The heat is already soaring up here in the northern plains. Cherries are on sale, though it's early days, still Spring for another week (as of this writing). Crops are in and growing, and my herbs are started.

Please check "A Harmony of Flavors" website and "A Harmony of Flavors" blog site, continually being updated with new recipes. There is a lot to choose from!
Flag Day
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Some Great Summer Grilled Dishes. . .

Summer means grilling, and there are so many wonderful things to grill! From pizza to steak and all sorts of things between, here are some of my summer favorite things to grill.

Clockwise from top left, click on a link to find the recipes: The Chimichurri I use is a recipe I created while living in Guatemala. It makes the best tasting marinade for fajita meats, like skirt steak or hangar steak. The recipe makes quite a bit, but if divided up into 3 or more portions in tightly sealed plastic containers, it can be frozen until needed.

Below is a button to connect with a Bonus Recipe for this month. Please enjoy this recipe at any time of year, or when the weather does not allow for grilling.

CLICK HERE for a Bonus Recipe
Flag Day
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From 2014 . . .Ratatouille and the Nightshade Family

Many of the common vegetables we eat without a second though can cause all sorts of problems if one happens to have an allergy to foods of the nightshade family. Some of the most common are eggplants, peppers, whether bell peppers or hot peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. Others, somewhat less common are tomatillos and ground cherries. There are many others, including tobacco, though that is not edible as such.

As shown above, one of my favorite things to make in summer is Grilled Ratatouille. The main bulk of ingredients are from these nightshades, so be aware. Originally, Ratatouille was a French dish, made in a casserole. In an old cookbook called Glorious Stew, Gloria Ivens gave two options for making Ratatouille: one is a dryer mixture and one is "wet." My preference was always the dry version, and it is great at any time. My discovery of grilling the vegetables and combining them just took the flavors to a whole new level. I urge you to check out both these recipes, just click here.
Cucumber Soup, cold soup
Stay Cool this Summer

This salad made with raw corn is so refreshing on a hot summer day. I never realized till just a few years ago that so many vegetables are absolutely delicious when eaten raw. All their vitamins and nutrients are intact, nothing has been cooked out. Easy to make, also, just cut the kernels off the cob, chop a few other things to add in and presto!

Originally this was made while I ventured into a totally RAW food diet, but believe me, though I have returned to regular cooked foods long since, this is still a staple each summer as the fresh corn comes in. Find the recipe here.
Flag Day
Do You Like Cole Slaw?
If so, this is one recipe you just have to try. Called Tropical Cole Slaw, it incorporates some less common ingredients such as radicchio and mango, with some cilantro and fresh ginger and WOW. It just makes this old standby pop with flavors. Since it is also a raw salad, it is cool and refreshing with all things grilled. A great summer side dish, it must not be missed!
Find my recipe here.
cole slaw, mango, ginger, radicchio
Grains of Paradise, melegueta pepper
Grains of Paradise - Aframomum melegueta

Sometimes called "melegueta pepper," these little seeds are no relation at all to black (or green or white) peppercorns. They do have a little bit of pepper-like heat, and once ground, can be used similarly to pepper, or in combination with peppercorns. I love to grind a bit and sprinkle it on my steaks or burgers before grilling.

Not yet found just anyplace, you may have to search for them (Amazon has them!), but they are well worth a look and taste to see what they are all about. Many chefs have opted to use them for their pepper-like character, yet distinctive flavor all their own.

Read more about these little seeds on my website, here.
author, Chris Rawstern
Happy Flag Day 2017. I hope you will visit all my sites and try some new (or old) recipes, learn something new about an herb or spice or other subject, or maybe just daydream. However it is accomplished, I endeavor to provide articles of interest. Not everyone cooks these days, due to time constraints. I did cook meals for my family back when I had 4 youngsters and worked 2 jobs, so I know it can be done, though it requires some real attention to detail. Many of my recipes are created now that I am retired and have extra time on my hands, yet many are easy and quick.
Flag Day
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