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Please Enjoy My May Newsletter

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Please Enjoy These Suggestions, Friend

This month, and likely the next two months, will be busy ones for me as my husband and I make a major move, to Arizona. This past winter just was more than I could handle. We decided it was time.

What this means is that there may not be many blog posts in these coming months, and it will be difficult to get a Newsletter out, but please hang on. I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I have not given up on my blog. In fact I have made more new foods recently than ever, but have had so little time to spare, as we pare down a whole household of things to just half the amount, downsizing for the move.

In this Newsletter, which will be short, and also my last until my new house is up and running will be only past suggestions, though there is still a Bonus Recipe, below.

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A Harmony of Flavors" website and "A Harmony of Flavors" blog site, continually being updated with new recipes. There is a lot to choose from!
May Flowers
Coriander, Allspice, Lavender, Chive Flowers
Revisit Some Past May Newsletters

I have been writing Newsletters for more than 2 years now, and I feel I have (mostly) been growing into the whole thing. Still, as I have grown in content and style, my cooking and baking continue: experiment, try some more, try something else, and test, test test!

Clockwise from top left:
  • From 2018: Exploring Some Herbs and Spices. In this Newsletter, I examined some herbs and spices that sometimes get overlooked, or become boring as they are used over and over for only one thing. Use ground coriander seed for apple pie as well as any place to give that slight citrus note; allspice in both sweet and savory applications; take advantage of chive flowers in early spring for a pop of color and flavor; food-grade dried lavender flowers can be added sparingly to many different things, like cakes, cookies and many others.
  • From 2018: Grilled Potato Salad with Three Onions. Using Chive Flowers as well as some of the green chives themselves, these grilled potatoes are soooo very tasty.
  • From 2017: Appetizers to Try. I seem to have become a master of the Appetizer. More than any other thing I make, appetizer "small bites" have been my most requested items. Since I love experimenting, and I am all about doing things as far ahead as possible to make the last minute prep a snap, do explore these four appetizers, as well as so many more on my blog, here.
  • From 2017: All Meat Paella. Paella was introduced to me by some friends with roots in Spain, while I lived in Guatemala. How truly authentic this may be, I have no idea. It is exceedingly delicious though, so do try it out, using the widest, flattest pan you have.

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May Flowers
scones, alternate flours
Scones that Taste Amazing

Scones. Ahhh, these are some inspired ideas for an absolutely great breakfast treat. Each recipe is unique, and I have created some combinations that may (or not) sound unlikely, but are truly amazing.

My scones tend to be just moist enough to be able to eat easily, not needing anything on them at all. I do use a lot of alternate flours, grinding the grains (or seeds or "fruits" such as buckwheat) just before making the recipe. Kamut Khorasan and Buckwheat seem to be my favorites, though occasionally I use other additions, like rye flour, teff and others.

Clockwise from top left:

Spring has finally sprung, my birthday has passed, things are turning green, flowers are on their way, and soon to be followed by the first spring vegetables, this far north. During our move to the U.S. southwest, please be patient, and I will be back as soon as my office is back up and running! In the meantime, please visit my web- and blog-sites and try some new (or old) recipes, learn something new about an herb or spice or other subject, or maybe just daydream. However it is accomplished, I endeavor to provide articles of interest. Not everyone cooks these days, due to time constraints, though I did cook meals for my family back when I had 4 youngsters and worked 2 jobs, so I know it can be done. It does require advanced planning. Many of my newer, more complex recipes have been created now that I am retired and have extra time on my hands, yet many are easy and quick. Take a look through my suggestions here in this newsletter, as well as looking through past newsletters here, for more ideas. Both my website and blog site have indexes of my recipes, for many more options.
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