Saturday, October 27, 2012

What a Turkey!

I taught a class today, called "Creative Ways with Veggies".   The ideas I used were mainly other peoples' ideas, but too cute not to show, and since 'tis the season, even more imperative. 

Some of my class members are not on the internet. Gasp!  Therefore, their likelihood of having seen these ideas is slim.  I was attempting to open their eyes to new and simple recipes they'd missed.  This particular idea is so adorable, and with Thanksgiving fast approaching, what better time to try it?

Veggie Tray Turkey
The ingredients, so to speak, are just a few vegetables: one red, one yellow and two green peppers, a baggie of baby carrots, one cucumber, one olive (black or Greek), two scallions, and some lettuce to line the plate (I used Romaine leaves).

Use a round platter and line it with the lettuce leaves.  Slice one of each color of bell pepper in half from top to bottom, clean out seeds and membranes.  Slice across the halved peppers, making generous 1/4 inch thick slices, which will be the scalloped border of "feathers".  Slice the cucumber in scant 1/4 inch slices.  Cut the bottom half off of the remaining green pepper, for the head and face.  Take the two scallions, trim the ends, then slice the bottom 1 1/2 inch lengthwise a few times and place these into ice water in the fridge, allowing the ends to curl, for the feet.

Line the baby carrots along the top half border of the platter, making about two rows.  At about low center, place the cucumber slices into a pile, for the body.  Make rows of the green pepper slices against the carrots, then the yellow, then the red.  Place the green pepper bottom half on top of the cucumber slices.  With the trimmings from the yellow and red bell peppers, make a  yellow beak and red wattle. Two slices of olive make eyes.  Wedge the curled scallion feet under the cucumbers and there you have it. 

Any party wanting a vegetable platter over the holidays, should have this.  Too simple and too cute to miss.  Set nearby whatever dressing you would prefer and start the party!

I also believe this could be done with some meats and cheeses.  Take sliced meats like ham or turkey and roll them, using these rolls in place of the carrots.  Triangular slices of cheese could be layered next, and then maybe round salami slices against that.  I haven't tried this out yet, but am planning to, so whenever that happens, it will appear here.  

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