Thursday, January 24, 2013

Super Bowl, Cupcakes and Cake

I have been writing articles (all found on Tumblr, as well as many article sites online), and lately, with the Super Bowl coming up, they have been all about appetizers, recipes and goodies to serve for the millions of parties that will take place on that day. Chili alone or in bread bowls, Cheese Balls and variations. Of course, appetizers that are great for any party will also be great for Super Bowl parties. 

Yesterday I was thinking of making little roll-ups with large flour tortillas. These have been around a long time now and can be served in longer logs or small single-bite pieces. I haven't made any of these for quite some time, but thinking about it, it occurred to me that most things that would constitute a good cheese ball would also be good as fillers for a roll up. Combinations like a pound of cream cheese, half pound of goat cheese, chopped smoked salmon, chopped capers and scallions would make a great filling for a tortilla roll-up. Or how about a pound of cream cheese, a half pound of white cheddar, chopped scallions and chopped dried beef?  Using rotisserie chickens gives another way to combine flavors.

Curried Chicken Roll-Ups

Then, these could also be made as dessert roll-ups. Try combining a pound of cream cheese, a half cup of honey, a tablespoon of cinnamon and some chopped walnuts. Or maybe cream cheese with some Nutella, chocolate chips and chopped hazelnuts. 

So, on the subject of desserts, my husband was gung-ho for me to try out some cupcakes. And if I was going to make them, could I decorate them for the teams? We waited until Sunday night when the two last teams were known. And yesterday I finally made the cupcakes. I made a super mess in my kitchen, with all the food colors out and little bowls of icings in various colors, all the icing bags and tips. It never takes long to clean; it's just hard to work when there is a mess. I got myself organized and got the icings colored properly, or at least approximately and I was ready. 

Super Bowl Cupcakes
I wanted to make little footballs to set on top of some of the cupcakes, but all I had was a mold for little Easter eggs. I used that mold, stuck the halves together and with white icing, made the laces. I used icing tip #233 to make green grass on some cupcakes and set the little egg shaped football with the rounded ends down. You would never know!  

With the two teams being the Ravens with purple, black and gold, and the 49ERS with red, gold and white, I set to work approximating a logo of sorts on other cupcakes. Granted I do have some artistic ability, and maybe this is not for everyone, but it was fun to see what I could do. Here is the picture to show the finished products. I hope your Super Bowl parties are a hit with all your guests!

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